The problems of relocation and dislocation have always been topical, especially for those for whom the clutches of a culture, religion, or political system became too tight and the social atmosphere too stifling. There were periods when people, including writers and other artists, went abroad to gain experience and broaden their scope, and other periods when they had to flee from their homes to save their lives. In both cases their experiences elsewhere help them to adopt new identities, while at the same time forging their old ones. The focus of the contributors to this volume is on new reconfigurations of the mind, manners, and behavior of those who, voluntarily or forcibly, left their native cultural environments. The topics range from eighteen-century America through the painful experience of World War II to present-day expatriates and exiles.

Palacký University Olomouc
1. vydání, 2014
ISBN 978-80-2444396-6