“Elsewhere” in the title of the present volume refers both to its subject and its contributors, seven European scholars from four countries: the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Spain. They try to benefit from their foreign status, which allows them to see all the historical, social, and cultural battles of the South from a distance and at the same time to read them, explicitly or implicitly, through their own histories and cultures. The are interested in the experience of southern writers outside their home region, as well as the inspirations they found outside the South, be it in Europe, Latin America, or Asia, but which extend their discussion to the cases in which “elsewhere” is just round the corner, in the same town, even within the family circle. The seven case studies analyze the works and lives of Ellen Glasgow, Katherine Ann Porter, Katharine Du Pre Lumpkin, Lillian Smith, Elizabeth Spencer, Louis Owens, Colson Whitehead, and Chris Offutt.

Palacký University Olomouc
1st edition, 2014
ISBN 978-80-244-4397-3